Freelance Web Developer

Website and WEB application development, implementing better UX and smart machine learning solutions to your business website!


Website Development Website Development

Websites are like your modern business card where you reveal your services or even yourself. It is an excellent channel of information that can be reached by any potential client.

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Web Application Development Web Application Development

The platforms are most often used as accounting systems, to track employee work schedules, and for other similar purposes. They are very easy to use, and can track process diagrams from any computer in the world.

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Website Maintenance Website Maintenance

Most websites do not have continuous supervision, so it is often the case that users find websites or parts thereof that do not function properly.

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ChatBot ChatBot

ChatBots are one of the newest inventions of today. They are being included in more and more internet projects. Chatbots are useful in making the workflow more convenient and saving the time of everyone involved.

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Testimonial - Diana

The work was carried out in a very short period of time and the whole process I was consulted step by step. In case of any question it was quickly and thoroughly answered.


Lash Master

Testimonial - Monika

This company work I was satisfied. There was close cooperation both at the technical and at the visual page design issues. Productive work and intensive contact within the short time we reached a mutually crowd-pleasing result.


Interior Designer

testimonial - Kristina

We are happy after working with Deividas and his team, as we have interesting, stylish, informational and aesthetic websites, and most importantly, we can easily fill and modify them by ourselves. We value David as demanding for himself and others, who is not afraid to criticise, advise and tilt the creative process so that in the final, the result will satisfy both sides.


Owner of Trampoline Park in Latvia

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