ChatBot - Our Future Assistant?

ChatBot - Our Future Assistant?

I just finished reading a book called "Superintelligence" by Nick Bostrom. He wrote about what will happen once we manage to build computers that are smarter than us. I was inspired to write this article about ChatBots, one of the most common AI tools.

What is a ChatBot?

ChatBots are computer programs that create conversation with people using artificial intelligence(AI). They can answer your questions and even help you to find the right things on a website. Basically, instead of calling for information, you are just having a chat with AI.

Where ChatBots are used?

Most popular chatbots are used in a messenger platform, so they are good at helping people to acquire the information that they need. A travel Messenger bot called "Instalocate" provides the most up to date flight information, like security wait time, delay alerts, web check-in, baggage allowance etc. It keeps you informed while you are in mid air. You might also want to check out TechCrunch, the best news bot.

You can also use chatbots in other ways that on a messenger platform - I personally use one on my website like a chat window, but instead of live assistant you are talking with a digital assistant.

Most ChatBot goals are to improve companies workflow and help people. They aim to give them the information they are interested in or just to assist them with specific topics.

As a consultant of digital solutions for many big companies, I create internal ChatBots that can help track the workflow of your employees.

For example, I can create a ChatBot that will track how many calls a salesperson made on a specific date, or I can program it to send you a report of his or her workflow during the day, including number of calls, who was called, how many contracts made, what was agreed to and more.

I can create a Chatbot to give incentives to employees who improve their workflow, so in this way we are motivating employees and improving performance.

The Future of ChatBots

I'm trying to use AI as much as possible everywhere - for social media, for my website, for marketing and for the analysis of data.

I have a vision to create chatbots for medical, sports and many other important industries. In the medical industry you can help patients to reach their private doctor for help, give information about medicine, and make appointments.

Basically, you can create a ChatBot for any industry. To book flights, event tickets, hotels or restaurants. You can make a ChatBot that can pay salaries to all your employees, to count taxes and to pay them automatically.

In the book "Superintelligence" they claimed that in 2100, robots will reach Human Level Machine Intelligence(HLMI) level and will learn things quicker and more effectively than humans.

( We have time huh?:) ) So in that case, I think that ChatBots can even help people to learn many things. For example, with languages: you can ask a bot to teach you Chinese, and the bot will start a daily routine to talk with you in the Chinese language, including corrections and the accent.

Professions and abilities

Professions like lawyers, finance advisers, teachers, accountants, therapists, editor and more will be changed to Bots which will help to do the work more efficiently.

I’m currently working on a 'personal concierge' Bot that will assist you with your own emails and calendar events, and even your social media. I'm creating the ability for a Bot to answer in messenger messages, make calls to specific people and tell them what I want to communicate. I’m also creating a Bot that can make lot of calls in specific time just to transfer information to specific people at the same time when I’m in a meeting.

With sales, I think we will change the sales industry. Cold calls will be very quick, because AI now has the ability to speak in different voices and even languages.

I also want to create a personal concierge who will track your income, and will teach you how to save/invest, and even keep track of your family's whereabouts by utilising facial recognition cameras in your house.

For the end

The world is full of automatons, and in the future robots will be able to learn new things and to improve themselves in even a better way than humans can. Technology is here and coming in an even bigger way very quickly, so if you have an idea about how you can improve your daily routine by optimising it with a Bot, please do so. You will soon see how you can save your time, money and effort.

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