IT cloud support company in UK.

About The Project

3rd Line IT is an IT support company focused on getting the right infrastructure and cloud mix for our clients. They are part of the Abbey Support Group, which has specialist skills in all areas of IT infrastructure and support across the Microsoft, Apple & Linux platforms.

3rd Line IT is focused on cloud services and how best to integrate them into our clients business. The aim is to provide IT solutions that work best for each individual client. They pride theirselves on they client focus, finding the 'right' solution for the client, rather than trying to adapt the client to the solution.

Project Details

Client: 3rdlineit.com

Services: Website Design, Website Development, SEO optimisation, Loading Speed Optimisation

Date: 2016-03


Even if it's a long time we haven't touched the website, loading time is still good - up to 1s. 

And website weight is up to 1MB which is the best experience for the website.

Feel free to contact us about any questions you have in your mind.

+44 7504 977435