Menas Gyventi

Modern Classic Interior Designer

About The Project

Monika is a interior designer.

The interior design and decoration for her ( Monika ) is the harmony of colors, patterns and shapes, predominantly in the surroundings around. Every creator, first of all as a personality, must embody creativity and aesthetic passion for the environment, only then he will have something to offer to a customer who wants to renew, renovate or create a dwelling from scratch.

In her works, the prevailing style is a modern classic, in one case or another, always having at least a minimum of secular-style hangings.

She is doing really great job! We are very happy to have Monika as our client!

Project Details


Services: Website Design, Website Development, SEO optimisation

Date: 2015-11


Still nowadays web design looks fresh and modern, we are keeping the website up to date.
Also she has our one of the products "call me back" functionality on the website, which helps to reach more clients!

By specific keywords, she is in a great google position! 

Feel free to contact us about any questions you have in your mind.
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