Digital reader

This is the new feature that converts written text to easy-to-understand verbal speech.

You can choose from 7 female voices and 6 male voices. It can currently be used by these languages: English, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Icelandic, Japanese, and Korean.

This technology understands where one sentence ends, and adds a full stop in order to create smooth spoken language. By reading the text, it can emphasize the important parts of spoken language, such as headings and/or inflections of voice. It is also possible to slow down or speed up your voice, and many other interesting effects that can help to convey what you are intending to communicate.

You can transform your reports, personal emails, blog articles, documents and basically anything what you can read into voice. Conversely, instead of reading, you can listen to information, and at the same time finish another tasks.

For example, you can listen your important documents while you are making a dinner, or if you can't show up in your office, instead of reading, your team can listen to your monthly report while they do other important tasks.

How does it work? You can listen one of our blog articles and you will find PLAY button, just click it:) example:

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