Website Loading Speed Optimisation

Website loading speed is one of the most aspects of web projects of today.

These days it is especially popular to surf websites via mobile phones, so you have to make sure that any website takes no more than two seconds to load on any device. Otherwise, the visitor might start to become annoyed, and might simply look for another option with your competitor. According to statistics, more than 60% of users leave a website if it’s loading too slowly.

It’s also important for search engine results, because Google first chooses websites that load faster. This is because Google can crawl these websites faster, and then after all fast websites have been crawled, they remove slow loading websites.

Website loading speed depends of a lot of factors: the structure and performance of the website’s coding, server response time, the size of images, optimised websites, the files websites are loading, etc.

You can test your website speed here: and your website score here: google speed insights

From google page speed insights you need to have at least 80/100 and from gtmetrix you need to have at least 2s. of loading speed.

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